Be a Systems Innovator!

“If we are to have any real impact in shaping the world we live in, we require bold practitioners equipped with science based tools and skills to shape systemic phenomena.”


The unfolding ecological collapse, tectonic shifts in markets, new political landscapes and god-like technologies confront decision makers and societies with highly interconnected and interdependent challenges at an ever-increasing intensity. Generation Z is taking to the streets because they recognise that these developments pose an existential threat to their future.

Solutions to such complex problems won't work because someone says they are "right". They will work when they bring critical actors into a more fundamental relationship with the complex reality of their challenge - with the cause and effect that exists between their intention, their actions, and the ecosystem of stakeholders.

Decision makers or consultant, often feel overwhelmed to get the variety of needed stakeholders - in corporations, in communities, in non-profits, and in whole societies - all with different perspectives, different goals, different constituencies, different measures of success - to come to shared understanding and agreement about how to work together to achieve something completely new - something completely necessary - something that solves for both the individual and the whole.



Our interventions (on the job training, reflective learning labs and action-packed innovator journeys) enable you to internalize both the mindset and the tools for making the impossible, not only possible, but also rigorously strategic and actionable.

Through our custom designed interventions - each focusing on a different level of strategy and action - The Leader, The Team, The Organization and The Ecosystem - you will learn the principles, practices and processes for solving your toughest problems in an increasingly erratic, multi-stakeholder world. Each intervention is standalone and has an effect on its own; however, you will derive the most value from committing to align them in a process.

Since 2003, we shape the next generation of systems leaders, one person at a time!

By completing our 15 min open access survey, you get a sense of how we work (here a team of two) and you get access to the open source tools and frameworks we use to do systems-level change.

Working with us will help you/ your team build a deep understanding of the structure and the behaviour of their system of actors. They advance their ability to alter the source of a problem in a system rather than addressing the symptoms.


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Selected Systems Innovators we engage with!


Cristina Urrutia

Cristina Urrutia earned her M.Sc. in Global Change Management from the University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde. She currently works at the Öko-Institut, Institute for applied ecology, in Germany as an assitant to the exectutive director. She has worked for several years on international climate policy, actively participating in the UNFCCC negotiations on behalf of the governments of Peru and Germany.

Cristina is taking part in the advanced training programme ( for young environmentalists to connect with a community with change makers and work on concrete actions that drive the sustainability transformation. Since first reading about the work of Donella Meadows at university she has been fascinated by systems thinking and its practical applications.


Maike Tasch

Maike Tasch is completing her studies in the field of human geography and politics with a Bachelor’s Degree this summer. She worked for one of Germanys biggest environmental organisations (BUND), organizing seminars and project days in secondary schools, fostering the awareness of climate change and encouraging a climate friendly lifestyle.

“Exemplifying an environmentally friendly life is essential if people are to take you seriously and if you want to see change in the world.”

Currently Maike is taking part in the advanced training programme ( for young environmentalists aiming to learn and develop further skills to foster social engagement and movements for a positive future.



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