We work with open-minded leaders and their teams.


Where most strategy consultancies bring a single framework like a strategic planning frame, we navigate and integrate many different approaches – helping our clients to thrive in increasingly complex business relationships and value chains!

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  1. Increase cohesion and bonding with your target groups

  2. Align isolated actors on shared goals

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  1. Scale your impact without compromising your purpose

  2. Increase your reach without losing peer-to-peer relations

Starting in 2015—receiving seed funding from the German government in 2016—we developed tools and processes that increase the engagement of individuals and organisations with their stakeholders and the environment.

In 2017, we were cited in the FORBES Magazine and in 2018/ 19 our projects are featured by the U.N. PRME and the Factor X series on – Nexus of sustainable development and resource productivity”, published by the German Government.

We hate creating addictions to fancy frameworks, meaningless one-page templates, and processes provided by “experts!”