German Environmental Agency Section Fundamental Aspects, Sustainability Strategies and Scenarios, Sustainable Resource Use

For years, Martina has focused on participatory approaches in the context of sustainability. Innovative approaches to collaboration and co-creation are particularly important to her.

"I am interested in processes, dynamics, networking, and interaction procedures rather than rigid data and measurements." - Martina Eick

Another focus of her work is on Education for Sustainable Development. She is particularly interested in regional education ecosystems. She has been instrumental in breaking down international sustainability strategies into subnational, urban, rural, and local strategies.

Over the years, Martina accompanied projects such as the International Sustainability Commitments for Local Governments with the WORLD Mayors Council on Climate Change, the Network21 Congress - National Further Training and Networking Congress for Local Sustainability Initiatives, the “National Welfare Index 2.0 – an index beyond GDPand “Rio+20 in the Community - Local communities on the way to sustainability.”