“This introductory training is designed for open-minded leaders that need to navigate the complexity of transforming markets. We will explore science-based tools and proven strategies. We will challenge mindsets, allowing you to manage your dynamically changing customer and supply-chain relationships.”



Why You Must Attend!

Markets are Transforming!

  1. Tectonic Shifts: markets, political landscapes and technologies confront business leaders with highly complex challenges at an ever increasing intensity;

  2. Contemporary Solutions Fail: it becomes ever more impossible for business leaders to engage all of their needed stakeholders and stay competitive in the market;

Consequently, business leaders often feel overwhelmed to get the variety of needed stakeholders - all with different perspectives, different goals, different constituencies, different measures of success - to come to shared understanding and agreement about how to work together to achieve something completely new - something completely necessary - something that helps them to stay competitive and in the market!


How You Will Learn!

Start to Drive and Not Be Driven by Transformations!

  1. UNDERSTAND Transformative Change: prototype the impact the three main leadership responses to complex business challenges have on your business;

  2. INTEGRATE the Four Levels of Strategy and Action: the leader, the team, the organisation and the ecosystem;

  3. INTERNALISE 21st Century Leadership: challenge your mindset and get to know hands on tools for making the impossible not only possible, but also rigorously strategic and actionable

Visualisation of the three main leadership responses to complex business challenges


What You Will Learn!

Learn a Set of Science based Tools and Processes!

  1. Know about the principles, practices and processes for solving your toughest problems in increasingly complex markets and value chains in under 12 days

  2. Work on your clear, compelling and measurable goal – the foundation for clarity and the focal point for structuring and transforming your business relationships

  3. See how to map your business context and casual structure – bringing a mathematical rigour to clarify, expand, inform and validate

  4. Understand how to design a captivating change narrative for your stakeholders in a clear concise and comprehensive way

  5. Begin to systematically assess your value chain and market, identifying the leverage points that will transform your organisation in the right direction at the magnitude needed to ensure success



Christoph Hinske

Helping leaders navigate their complex-adaptive business relations and value chains!

Mr Christoph Hinske, CEO and Founder, The Engagement Company

“All too often systems innovation initiatives dramatically fail because they apply tools strategies and frameworks that have been designed to build the very systems they want to transform."

To address this challenge, Christoph Hinske founded the Engagement Company (TEC) in 2014, providing strategic and organisational design services to ‘change-makers for good’.

Being a Global Change Manager by training his passion is to empower leaders to thrive in hyper-networked markets (Value Creating Systems). Prominent examples of his work are:

In the day-to-day business of working with organizations, networks and their leaders, he helps them to design and execute systemic strategies and sound psychological contracts with their key stakeholders.

His work has been referenced in Forbes Magazine, highlighted by the U.N. Principles for Responsible Management and is being published by the German Government in the book series FactorX - The Nexus of Sustainable Development and Resource Productivity.

He is a frequent guest at Voice America - The Leader In Live Internet Talk Radio, and a fellow at the European School of Governance - Meaningful Economy Lab.