Mphil Student (Institute of Development and Technology Management, Cape Coast - Ghana | CEO Uhawk Limited, Ghana

Kwabena has worked in Sales & Marketing since 2008 but has a deep love and propensity to entrepreneurship. 

This love for entrepreneurship has led him to collaborate in a multi-year investigation with like-minded researchers and entrepreneurs. The project is aimed at (a) identifying traits that make local Ghanaian business people successful and (b) helping young entrepreneurs in Ghana and other countries to learn and master these skills.

Consequently, Kwabena is a strong advocate of local entrepreneurship and is hopeful of inspiring young graduates to venture into entrepreneurship and become employers.

My unique perspective is to hold your company accountable never to forget the “local entrepreneurial perspective” when engaging with your clients. My perspective is based on growing up in a typical Kwahu home, where “finance & economic education” is always present but often not direct. Furthermore, I will hold your company accountable to be mindful of and make deliberate efforts to include subtle ways of teaching & learning by doing when engaging with our clients.

Kwabena is currently the CEO of Uhawk Limited.