International Affairs | GBCe (Green Building Council España)

Emilio has dedicated his life to buildings in many ways: conceiving and designing, managing construction, providing advice, promoting and coordinating international projects, entering civil society movements, promoting dialogue for sharing purpose and policy development.

He always tried to add value from a sustainable perspective, integrating, as best he could, energy and economy, environmental and social aspects in good architectural and urban proposals.

“We neglect buildings because we take them too much for granted; we don’t realise how deeply our buildings are us, and how deeply we are our buildings.”

Currently, societies and citizens are struggling since they are in need for an identity. Thus, the moment is ripe for a new culture of how we value and inhabit buildings. Never before have buildings and cities received as much attention as now. Buildings and our built environment are the best interfaces between humans and that thing called the outside world, whatever it is, to face our future. Will be able to do it well? It’s up to us.