The Social Impact Exchange (SIE) creates the conditions for breakthroughs to go big in order to deliver impact where it is needed most. 

Together, SIE members are building a marketplace to scale-up solutions to significant social problems. They make it easier for philanthropic giving to achieve significant positive change by supporting strategies that improve lives and change systems.



The US health system. It emerged out of the collective will to make increase the health of its citizens. It is the result of generations of pioneers being dedicated and working hard.

Nevertheless, when looking at the current outcomes it generates, in the past and today, one sees that it does not generate those kind of outcomes most people define as acceptable.

Consequently, in 2011 the Social Impact Exchange (SIE) initiated a project to change that. The initiative emerged around a collective intention of around 20 major health foundations.

Building on the work of these funders, the initiative has focused on achieving collaborative, large-scale impact in the health sector.


Using is a systems-based, strategic approach we where subcontracted to support SIE and Vibrancy Ins. LLC in developing a systemic strategy and identify areas of focus, where scalable solutions can be applied in clusters to shift the system from its current outcomes to ones desired.

Ultimately the aim was to establish a collaborative network of multi-sector stakeholders who work in coordination to move leverage points and achieve shared impact and goals.

The systemic strategy itself was created through interviews with experts who understand the health system as a whole and also have a particular expertise in a critical aspect of it.

This context brought in the complexity of a system of multiple internal and external stakeholders that influenced the system, each with their own intentions and outcomes, interacting with each other over time.

We uncovered the shared purpose, the multiple, conflicting goals each stakeholder has, the network of resource dynamics that support these multiple goals, the incentives within the systems and identified the leverage points that allowed to shift the behavior of the whole system.

The project helped SIE and Vibrancy Ins. LLC to position themselves as the trailblazers in the field of health system transformation work.


  • On the job training of Vibrancy and SIE staff

  • Numerous discussions about the intended impact and reach of the initiative and how to make it engaging

  • Attention creation design and stakeholder interviews

  • Strategic systems mapping

  • System analytics

  • Leverage point strategy to shift the complex and dynamic system of stakeholders

  • Engagement of next level stakeholders

  • Didactic design, execution and evaluation of participatory online and offline stakeholder events (webinars/ online lab)

  • Creation of mid-term, next phase and closure reports, including graphic design

Their dedication to deal with a diverse group helped us to generate enthusiasm, cohesion and engagement among our stakeholders. A necessary foundation of our work.
— Alexander Rossides | President/ Founder, The Social Impact Exchange



Subcontracted by Vibrancy Ins. LLC, an US based boutique consultancy firm with expertise in systems transformation.