University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Forest and Environment

Prof. Dr. Martin Welp, Chair of Socioeconomics and Communication, Head of International Master Study Programme, Global Change Management, Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development



  • The transfer of knowledge back to society is a core mission of Universities for Applied Science. This mandate is powerfully connected to lifelong learning and engaging relationships with former students.

  • While technology helped our client to reach more people worldwide it’s starts to loose the human interactions that fuel engagement with and among key stakeholders

  • Peer-to-peer networks seem to be the best solution to generate transformational learning experiences but come at a high cost


  • We designed online and offline deep learning experiences that drove engagement using an online platform model

  • We curated access to global thought leaders, engaged them in trust-based social networks with students and delivered expert facilitation, offering a ‘low tech, high touch’ approach

  • We tailored the process to help create meaningful experiences in support of learning and relationship building


  • Design, curation, facilitation and evaluation of mass, but personalized experiences 

  • Outreach and engagement with content experts and thought leaders 

  • Connecting students and alumni, through curated social networks, with peers and global thought leaders 

  • Creating mass access to trust- based relationships

  • Providing access to a global network of trailblazing universities, faculties and study programs that care about global citizenship and societal change in support of delivering against the Sustainable Development Goals Agenda


“The team of the Engagement Company has been contributing to mandatory and elective modules of the International Master Study Programme Global Change Management for more than eight years. Their enthusiasm for topics related to leadership, societal transformation and systems thinking have been a great inspiration for our students. Their pedagogical skills have been well-evaluated and the international guests have been a valuable add-on to the topical contents of their teaching. Via online-seminars and other formats of e-learning internationally renowned stakeholders from businesses, NGOs and the academia have been regularly involved in thoughtful dialogues with students. The staff from The Engagement Company had the ability and empathy to meet our students with respect and spur them to good results.”

Prof. Dr. Martin Welp | Chair of Socioeconomics and Communication, Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development

The ideation lab provided an excellent platform for dialogues with leaders from different continents. It provided new perspectives, enhanced the learning experience and was great fun too.
— Prof. Dr. Martin Welp | Chair of Socioeconomics and Communication, Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development