Lernen Helfen Leben (LH) is a German non-for profit organisation.

Since 30 years, they are committed to develop and realise solutions for everyday life in Africa by bridging postcolonial barriers between Africans and Europeans.



LHL works in 9 African countries. Together with their partners they co-design solutions to local challenges in the field of agriculture/forestry, household energy, education.

The long term success of their innovative projects seemed to be hampered by outdated internal structures. Furthermore, they started preventing the volunteers from more significant impact.

The Engagement Company was asked to make the LHL volunteers aware of the problem and to support them in finding a new organisational structure, representative of their changing context.


We designed a process that engaged all volunteers to be in continuous strategic dialog. The process helped them to appreciate each other, to develop new ideas, and address conflicts on the spot and in constructive ways.

The Engagement Company helped Lernen Helfen Leben to utilise technology solutions to further deepen personal connections and bonding with the organization’s vision.

By providing an internet-based communication platform, we reduced costs for the necessary in person meetings.


  1. implementing a technical solution to bridge physical distance between the members

  2. visualising the current state of Lernen Helfen Leben

  3. facilitating the development of goals and measures to improve the organisational well-being

  4. developing short social media videos

  5. co-facilitating internal discussions to deepen the understanding of challenges and opportunities

We as a group realised what LHL is doing for us and how we can contribute to increasing our collective success.
— Philipp Juelke | Project Manager, Lernen Helfen Leben