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Through a unique proven process, we assess and develop leaders to build the skills necessary to transform their businesses.

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The ILI needed to design and offer a certification program to a group of international students, keeping the program cost to a minimum, so travel was not an option.

The primary job of the Engagement Company was to help design a class that could be delivered in a highly engaging manner, generating very positive learning outcomes and strong cohort member relationships.


Design of an online learning experience that allowed participants to quickly connect with one another so they could support one another in the learning process.

We did this by providing an approach to both technology and course design that enabled participants to feel connected in order to share openly and support one another's learning process.

We reduced the risk that this would be a sterile discussion of frameworks and instead turned it into a very rich set of conversations that leveraged the frameworks to create deep understanding.


  1. Co-design of the overall program flow

  2. Co-design of the technical platform including inviting participants, hosting, recording. Every technology touch was deliberately designed

  3. Co-facilitation of sessions and improvement of the process during the course

The Engagement Company co-created the course flow, engagement process and technology design to ensure a highly engaging cohort leadership certification program!

They abled me to expand the reach for my certification program while maintaining the level of personal connection and intimacy while managing the travel cost. We are now integrating this service into our future offerings as we explore expanding to multiple other continents.
— Maureen Metcalf | CEO Founder Innovative Leadership Institute