GBCe (Green Building Council España), a transversal and member-driven national organisation that is part of the Global Action Network WorldGBC. It promotes sustainability in the building sector worldwide.

BUILD UPON is the world’s largest collaborative project on building renovation – bringing together 2,000 organisations, across 13 countries.

It aims to create a renovation revolution across Europe by helping countries to deliver strategies for renovating their existing buildings.



Leaders at Build Upon saw the need to scale up building renovation. They agreed, dialogue to be essential to understand the problem and develop solutions. Existing communication approaches were of high intellectual quality but seemed to lack essential patterns.

"The way we communicated was not sufficient to be able to deal with the complex nature of Build Upon as it was very intellectual and distant."

Our primary job was to help the senior leadership of Build Upon from across Europe to come closer, understand everyone’s necessities and be in high quality AND meaningful relationships with their peers.


Increasing social and relational capital among Build Upon members, with external stakeholders and with the society at large. We designed a process that allowed Build Upon leadership to create more interest for what they do and be more influential by enabling them to build stronger relationships with those that define the success of Build Upon.

"You increased our capacity to perform, be seen as trustworthy and have fun doing so."


  • Online and offline advanced leadership training

  • Conference design

  • Coaching and mentoring

  • Purpose structuring and clarity - Improved relational focus


"Immersed as we all are in our own our own individual matters, we usually are not aware of how much collaboration, true collaboration, can transform our lives. Thanks to the help provided by Christoph and his former team through the Cambridge-Madrid-Brussels experience of BUILD UPON we’ve come a long way, from our initial rudimentary way of listening or, rather, thinking we were listening, to a much more profound listening attitude, which is the base of true collaboration. I believe we are only at the beginning, but fully motivated to go on progressing, learning from others and from ourselves, learning from all 'nos-otros'. Thanks”.



In cooperation with the Institute for Strategic Clarity (ISC), a boutique consultancy firm with expertise in strategic systems mapping.